Rectangle Clip-ons

  • $16.95

Easily grab these clip-ons and put them on your prescription glasses when you need sun protection.  The spring allows easy on and off, and looks better than other flip-ups and fit overs.
The view is clear + nice to look out of, not distorted like some other glasses.
* Shape - Rectangle or square shapes. 
* Strong Spring - Stays on, does not fall off.  Stretch clip out out to adjust to the frame of your glasses.
* Lens - Get different lenses for different situations... All of our lenses have maximum protection of UV400.
Polarized for true color tones while blocking the shiney reflections.  Great all around glasses for seeing clear.  Especially great for fishing, at the beach, or anywhere you want to see clearly and distinctly in the worlds true colors.  Be aware that sometimes the polarization makes it harder to see screens like your phone.
Copper Driving Lens and Amber Lens - These lenses are a high definition lens which helps block the blue ray spectrum.  This makes these lenses comforting to the eyes, reduces eye strain, and is preferred by pilots so they can see the definition in the clouds and read their instrument panel.    
The Copper Driving Lens is popular for driving.  It has a copper brown tone.
The Amber Lens is a lighter brighter brown tone.  The amber is a good choice if you don't like wearing darkness over your eyes becasue it makes it harder for you to see.  The amber color is nice to look out of and blocks the sun affectively.  
UV 400 only is a darker lens for eyes sensitive to bright light.  Great if you want a lens with full uv protection that blocks the sun from getting into your eyes and keeps the true color spectrum.  Since these lenses are not polarized, you can read the screens, like on your phone or dashboard, as usual.

How to choose your size:

When choosing a size to match with your glasses, the length = lens size, the height = lens size with frame included.
The frame of the clip-on is 1-2mm wide, which is comparable to a fingernail width.  If your frame is larger, than compensate for the difference in your measurement.
For example:
Rectangle 54 x 37 = length of lens 54mm x height of lens with frame 37mm.

How to Measure:

1.  Look at the shapes and pick the shape that looks the most like your glasses.
2.  Measure the width of one lens of your glasses.
3.  Measure the height of one lens of your glasses including the frame.
4.  Compare to sizes offered, and pick the closest size.  Slightly over is better than under, to ensure that it covers your lens.

Extra tips:  When measuring, place your measuring tape at the longest area of your lens.  This will ensure that your whole lens will be covered by the clip-on.  If measuring in inches, you can convert it to mm by going to the internet and putting 'x' inches = mm in the search bar.  It will do the math for you.

If you would like help finding a size, please email us:
a.  A picture of your frame.
b.  Measurements in width and height - let us know if those measurements include the frame or not.

Thank you! 

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