Booty Slipper - Rubber Sole - White Cream Fleece (Women's and Men's)

  • $69.95

Our most popular slipper for all ages!

These slippers always fit great!  They are comfortable in the house.  Perfect for quickly warming your feet to your body temperature.  Sheepskin is known to be the best insulator in the world.  Its' fine wool fibers allow air to circulate while absorbing moisture.  The lanolin of the sheepskin provides softness for the skin.

The sole of this slipper is made out of TPR, which makes it durable and flexible.  It feels cozy on the feet, and has the ability to go outside for quick trips!  The outer skin is made from thick leather hide that resists water and is easy to keep clean.

These booty slippers come in adult and child whole sizes.  For child sizes, see our other listing.  Sheepskin takes up 1/2 size.  If you wear half size, then roll up.  For example, size 8=8 and size 8 1/2 = 9.